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Growing Up

by The Linda Lindas

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overlord7777 thumbnail
overlord7777 so young, so talented, these guys can do anything. many bangers, fav song is "growing up"! This music makes me happy! Great team of 4 unique talents collaborating equally on an excellent vision that is perfectly executed! Ups to dad producer for clean, uncluttered luscious sound. Don't let anyone change your voice! Thor - God of Thunder.
Nathaniel m.
Nathaniel m. thumbnail
Nathaniel m. This band has a bright, promising future ahead of them. Favorite track: Growing Up.
nederlanditis thumbnail
nederlanditis They are a great band. Their punk (glam rock) is fresh and on point. Eloise Wong is such an endearing charismatic standout figure. As musicians all four of them are mature - despite their age. Favorite track: Racist, Sexist Boy.
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Oh! 02:35
Oh when I say something I wish I had shut up (Oh!) And when I try to help, I always screw things up (Oh!) The places that feel right, They never last too long (Oh!) And when I think of things, They always turn out wrong Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh when I say something, Nobody backs me up (Oh!) When I try by myself, I mess it up (Oh!) Oh when they say something You always suck it up (Oh!) And when I try to help It never is enough Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! What can I do, what can I do? What can I say, what can I say? What can I do, what can I do? Nothing changes it’s all the same Why do I say something Say anything at all (Oh!) It seems that when I try I always take the fall (Oh!) But when I don’t speak up There’s nothing but regret (Oh!) I can’t stop thinking of What could’ve happened next
Growing Up 03:06
Growing up isn’t something we can make happen when we want it to But since we’re all growing up together I guess I’ll grow up with you We can take turns taking the reins Lean on each other when we need some extra strength We’ll never cave or we’ll never waver We’ll always become braver and braver We’ll dance like nobody’s there We’ll dance without any cares We’ll talk bout problems we share We’ll talk bout things that ain’t fair We’ll sing bout things we don’t know We’ll sing to people and show What it means to be young And growing up Under the table, we’ll whisper in each other’s ears We’ll share our hopes and dreams, and all our other greatest fears And when we get burned from jumping in the fire We’ll never tire, cause we’ll always find ways to fly higher I make as many good memories as I can When there are nights I can’t sleep, it’s okay in the end I know what I do now makes me me Wherever we go, wherever we go we... We’ll take the good with the bad All of the times that we’ll have Make every moment last We’ll have each other’s backs Cause in the end we don’t know We don’t know where we will go We don’t know, so There’s still a little more Growing up
When I talk to myself I think about the things that No one ever talks about like How life just keeps on givin’ Despite all my bad decisions I’m still here and I’m still livin’ I used to always Complain about Trapped in a maze I could not get out We’re all talking to ourselves About things we cannot help So talk to me Cause I’m talking to myself When you talk to yourself Do you think about the things that Flood your head full of doubt Like when you cannot stop stressin’ About all the wrong directions And your head just won’t stop spinnin’ I’m just stuck in this one moment It keeps replaying in my mind I can’t keep on runnin’ from it And now it’s wasting all my time
Fine 02:02
You hear us shouting but you don’t feel a word You know we’re dying but you say that we’re cured You keep on going, you think it’s fine You think it’s fine You tell us it’s fine It’s not fine It’s Not Fine It’s Not Fine You hear the shouting but you say it’s absurd The things you say are more than just words You keep on talking, you think it’s fine You hear the shouting but you don’t feel a word You see the lying, say our vision is blurred Tell me it’s nothing, ha, you tried
Nino 01:49
I have a cat His name is Nino He’s a savage cat Killer of mice and rats Nino, Nino, Nino the savage cat Killer of mice and rats Gentleman by day Hunter by night Friendliest cat you’ll meet Will protect you with all his might
Why 02:19
I look up and see the sun I didn’t want it anyway So I just drown out everything Cause I cannot feel this way So I just lay here all alone All alone, I was okay So I just lay here on my own Now on my own, I just Cry Myself away Why Can’t it just be that way Up against us, there’s a wall, And it just won’t go away I really want to make it fall, It refuses to give way In my notebook we can touch, We just hug, hang out all day In my notebook, there is love Love that always makes me Cry I just shout and never sing No one likes it anyway So I just drown out everything But it will not go away And so we keep going on Though no one gets it anyway Cause why should we follow along If will just make us Cry The sun came out I shoved it out Who wants it now Anyway
La inseguridad El malestar Ellos burlandose De como yo soy Cuántas veces tengo que decir Ya estoy harta de sentirme asi Soy diferente No como los demás Y no todo el mundo Me va entender Todos somos perfectos En todas formas y hechos
Remember 03:39
When I look up I see the sky and it seems so far and why Doesn’t it look back at me? I know that it’s right there and it’s just a bunch of air So what don’t I see? Maybe tomorrow will be bigger, brighter, bolder But maybe today was just the calm before the storm Maybe tomorrow will be bigger, brighter, bolder So maybe today won’t matter anymore I can’t remember the first thing I did today And I can’t remember why I tried to run away And I don’t wanna go where it’s too late And I haven’t yet grown so I think I’m gonna stay I try to speak but there’s no sound, so what do I do now That no one hears me? Do I still have a voice? Can I still make some noise? Well, just wait and see I wished upon a star But wishing only takes you so far I reached out for a new start Before it all began to fall apart
Magic 02:36
If I were invisible, No one would judge me for wanting to be by myself But I’m already invisible Enough without anybody else’s help If I could go back in time, And just change that one thing Maybe now would be different But part of me would always be missing What if magic were real What if magic revealed Something nobody would ever Wish upon themselves Or anybody else Maybe reality is better? If I could just read your mind I might finally know just how you feel But what there’s if something I find And what if that something’s way too real What I could soar and fly Above all my problems and mistakes But soon time would just pass me by And I’d feel too far away
Racist, sexist boy, you are a Racist, sexist boy, you play with Really dangerous toys, Fake dance, shoot, and destroy You are a racist, sexist boy. You say mean stuff and You close your mind to Things you don’t like You turn away from what you don’t wanna see Racist, sexist boy, you are a Racist, sexist boy, and you have Racist, sexist joys We rebuild what you destroy You are an racist, sexist boy. You say mean stuff and You close your mind to Things you don’t like You turn away from what you don’t wanna hear Poseur Riffraff Jerkface Hater Racist, sexist boy, you are a racist, sexist boy!


released April 8, 2022

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Carlos de la Garza
Recorded June 11–October 25, 2021 at Music Friends in Los Angeles, California
Additional engineering by Sergio Chavez, Alec Wingfield, and Matt Maroalakos
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters
Piano on “Nino” by Lil’ Dude
All songs written and performed by The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas are:
Bela Salazar - guitar and vocals
Eloise Wong - bass and vocals
Lucia de la Garza - guitar and vocals
Mila de la Garza - drums, percussion, and vocals

Design by Wendy Lau

Cat eye photos by Humberto Leon

Outfits by Batsheva and Opening Ceremony
Hair by Thy Mai
Cat eye make up by Valerie Vonprisk
Additional hair and make up by Littlerock Nia and Michael Meeks Silva

The Linda Lindas proudly endorse Music Man guitars and basses, Fender guitars and basses, Ernie Ball strings, Ludwig drums, Istanbul cymbals, Ampeg amplifiers, Boss pedals, Earthquaker pedals, MXR pedals, R2R pedals, Dunlop picks, TASCAM, and Roland.

Dedicated to Blanca Celia de Moran, Lap Ming Lau, Lupe de la Garza, & Sing Wong.


all rights reserved



The Linda Lindas Los Angeles, California

Half Asian / half Latinx. Two sisters, a cousin, and their close friend. The Linda Lindas channel the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today's ears, eyes, and minds.

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